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Star Wars Toys & Collectibles

Dive into the epic universe of Star Wars with our curated collection of toys and collectibles. From classic action figures to limited edition masterpieces, we offer a galaxy-spanning array that caters to both casual fans and dedicated collectors. Whether you're seeking iconic characters, rare finds, or the latest releases, Eternia Dreams is your destination for all things Star Wars. Explore the force, relive timeless moments, and bring the magic of the Star Wars universe to your collection. May the joy of collecting be with you!

The Toy Timeline



















When Kenner secured the toy license for a new Science Fiction movie called Star Wars, nobody seemed to really notice, until the movie hit the theaters, and the toy world would be forever changed. It began with the Early Bird Certificate at Christmas of 1977.

The first retail wave in 1978 consisted of 12 figures, which were followed by eight more. The last figure released was the mail-order “Rocket Firing” Boba Fett in 1979, for a total of 21 figures. They were accompanied by multiple accessories, vehicles, and playsets. The original Star Wars action figure line remains the gold standard of a successful toy line, with each item considered a “must have” for collectors.

The second series of figures contained 8 initial figures, followed by the mail-order Boba Fett. This figure was also released on a regular Star Wars card in 1980. These first figures are known as “20 Backs” or “21 Backs with Boba” due to the number of figures on the back of the card. Kenner offered three mail-away promotions during their initial run of action figures for the original Star Wars movie. The first was, of course, the genius promotional idea of the Early Bird Certificate Package, which was mailed away to obtain the Early Bird figure set. Then came the Action Display Stand, and finally the infamous “Rocket Firing” Boba Fett, which of course was changed to a Non-Rocket Firing version before being shipped out to consumers.

the sequel to Star Wars was released: The Empire Strikes Back. Several new action figures were released, and the original 20 were also released on new cards bearing the Empire Strikes Back logo.

In 1983, when Return of the Jedi was released, several more figures were released and another wave of repacks came with them. Below are examples of an Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi carded figure. (A 1980 Yoda and a 1983 Biker Scout)

Kenner began to transition over to the new "Power of the Force" lineup, which featured re-released fan favorites as well as several new figures from all three movies released so far, and also sported a new logo as well as collector coins featuring the action figure/character they came packed with.Due to the waning popularity of Star Wars, Kenner ended the Star Wars line in 1986. However, a few prototypes and designs exist for a never produced Kenner line called "The Epic Continues".

Hasbro, which now owned Kenner released Star Wars action figures once again. These action figures ran under the name Power of the Force, however, they are known to collectors as Power of the Force 2 to distinguish them from the original Power of the Force (1984-1985).

Lucasfilm launched a multimedia project called Shadows of the Empire, covering the time between the Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. The project was supported by a graphic novel and novel adaptation, a video game, and of course, toys.

Hasbro released a line called Expanded Universe, pulling figures from sources such as video games, novels, and comic books. The figures featured a pop-out cardboard play-set. Below is a fan favorite figure from this line, the Dark Trooper, which was the Fan's Choice Number 1 in 2007 and re-released because of this.

Hasbro improved the line by eliminating the "buff" sculpts. Still, there was not much in the way of improved articulation.
This changed in 1999, with the release of the new Stormtrooper which featured an accurate sculpt, and articulation at the shoulders, elbows, waist, neck, hips, and knees. Though not perfect, the 1999 Stormtrooper was an incredible improvement over all of its predecessors.

Hasbro began releasing Power of the Force 2 figures with display stands that came with tiny computer chips inside, these were called Commtech chips. The stand could be placed on a Commtech reader and with the action figure placed on it, the reader would play some of that character's dialogue from the movies, making it appear as though the toy was speaking. 


At exactly 12 AM on May 3rd, 1999, Toys R Us stores across the country opened up for the release of the new Episode I action figure line, based on the long anticipated first installment to the new Star Wars prequel trilogy, Episode I: The Phantom Menace. These action figures were incredibly popular and featured many new characters and new prequel versions of older characters.

A new line started called "Power of the Jedi". Power of the Jedi featured new card art with green highlights and an image of Darth Vader and the Episode I version of Obi-Wan. Instead of Commtech chips, these action figures now included small pamphlets called Jedi Force Files with facts and statistics about the character with which they were packed..

In the summer of 2002, when Attack of the Clones was released, Hasbro released a new line focusing at first on Attack of the Clones characters and then later on characters from all five movies released thus far. This line was simply called "Star Wars" on the action figure cards, but is actually known as Star Wars Saga.

two new lines were released alongside Saga, both based on the new Star Wars multimedia project, Clone Wars. One line, the normal Clone Wars line, featured action figures based on characters from Dark Horse's Star Wars: Republic comic books. The other featured action figures with limited articulation and stylized sculpts based on the Clone Wars cartoon shorts from Cartoon Network.

Released in 2004, was the first wave of the "vintage" action figures. These action figures were more detailed, more articulated, and came in the same packaging their vintage versions came in.

April 2, 2005, Toys R Us held a midnight madness event similar to the Episode I event more than half a decade earlier, to release the main Revenge of the Sith line. Wal-Mart also hosted an event, running from April 2-3 2005, allowing customers to participate in Star Wars related events, come in Star Wars costumes, and purchase the newly released Revenge of the Sith line.

In 2006, Hasbro created a poll and sent it to the fan site, to vote on action figures to be re-released in the 2007 Saga Legends line. The number one fan's choice winner was the Dark Trooper from 1998, seen below.

Hasbro is continuing the Legacy Collection and the Clone Wars. The first wave of Legacy Collection figures from 2009, all from the original Star Wars film, feature no packaging changes, and still include Build a Droid parts

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