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Monster High Toys & Collectibles

Explore the spooky-chic world of Monster High at Eternia Dreams! Unearth our collection of uniquely styled dolls, perfect for collectors and fans of all ages. Embrace the magic of individuality and celebrate diversity with these ghoulishly glamorous additions to your collection. Shop now and bring home a piece of the monster madness!

The Toy Timeline









Upon their 2010 debut, Monster High experienced immediate success, quickly securing the position as the second best-selling doll brand, surpassed only by the iconic Barbie. The initial wave of dolls often proved elusive in stores, a testament to the soaring demand for these frightfully fashionable figures.

Mommyish published an article highlighting parents' concerns about Monster High dolls. Some felt the extreme body proportions could set unrealistic standards for their tween girl audience, leading to potential issues. Responding to feedback, Mattel incorporated modest changes, introducing molded underwear and longer skirts to address these concerns.

Mattel rebooted Monster High to be more child friendly to appeal to younger children. The faces of the dolls were changed to be cuter, more childlike, and had less dramatic makeup.

After the initial waves, the company cut corners in the design process, eliminating articulation, opting for molded-on tops, non-removable shoes, and low-quality hair fibers. These changes, coupled with existing sales decline, led to the brand's closure in 2018.

Ending a two-year hiatus, Monster High returned in 2020 with limited collector releases known as Skullector dolls, featuring characters from classic horror films. Among these releases were a Pennywise doll inspired by Stephen King's "It" and a two-pack featuring The Grady Twins from "The Shining."

Monster High releases Beetlejuice and Lydia Deetz dolls from the Beetlejuice movie, and Greta Gremlin; a doll inspired by the Gremlins movies.

Haunt Couture is Released which is a collector line of the original Monster High characters: Frankie Stein, Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf, Cleo de Nile, and Lagoona Blue. These dolls were sold with diaries and a continuation of the generation one storylines. They sold out instantly on the Mattel Creations website. They were also sold by resellers on eBay at twice, even triple, the original price.

In October of the same year, Monster High underwent its third reboot, referred to as Generation Three (g3) by fans. Initially met with mixed reviews due to the new designs, it has since garnered positive feedback from longtime fans. Accompanying this reboot, a live-action movie hit theaters in October 2022, while a Nickelodeon animated series regularly releases new episodes every few weeks.

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