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Hailing from mysterious lands beyond the shores of Mythoss, Zende Amaanthyr was sent by his guild to assist Herra Serpenspire and The Convocation of Bassylia in their efforts to quell the rising power of Poxxus. Bringing with him an extensive array of archaic incantations, Zende has dedicated himself to the Magi of Bassylia as a teacher of spellcasting and a soldier to their cause. As someone who has suffered great personal loss at the hands of Poxxus’ zealots, Zende is all too aware of the stakes of this deadly fight.

Released In: Poxxus

Accessories: Magic staff, magical effects, 2 sets of hands

Additional Heads: 2 heads total, one which is normal and one which is "powered up" using magic


Mythic Legions Zende Amaanthyr

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