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Keeper of the great library of Agbendor, Samir Scrollwarder is a wizard as renowned for his inexhaustible knowledge as he is for his bountiful magical powers. After spending much of his life studying the books and scrolls of Agbendor, Samir has learned the secret ways of mages that span the entire history of Mythoss. Although his primary charge is to serve as protector of the invaluable texts of Agbendor, Samir Scrollwarder is a formidable warrior in the struggle to contain Poxxus and his evil servants.

Released In: Poxxus

Accessories: Magic staff, magical effects, magical tome, 3 sets of hands

Additional Heads: 2 heads total, one which is normal and one which is "powered up" using magic


Mythic Legions Samir Scrollwarder

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