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The kingdoms of Xylernia and Leandorr have a long history of working together as the two most unlikely, and yet also the closest, of allies in the Legions of Light. Along the border of these kingdoms is a blended unit comprised of soldiers from each of these heroic factions. The Elite Guard is made of up of elves, half-orcs, men, minotaurs, and more. Leading these soldiers are highly trained commanders, including Lijae, of the Elite Elven Guard. A decorated soldier whose ambition from an early age was to join the blended unit, he is a shining example of the dedication and purity of purpose found within the ranks of these golden-armored guardians. 

Released In: 2023 Retailer Appreciation Wave

Accessories: Elf short sword, elf shield, long bow, quiver,helmet

Additional Heads: An elf head and a half-orc head


Mythic Legions Lijae of the Elite Elven Guard

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