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Necronominus has returned, and the undead armies of his Congregation are called to his side. Hagnon has spent ages trying to free himself from the shackles that Morgolyth has placed upon him. Once nothing more than an insubstantial ghost of his former self, Hagnon’s power has grown. He now glows with blue spectral energy as he takes up his sword and shield. Will he join the undead in their march against the Legions of Light, or will this spirit be able to master this new power and once again become the proud solider who fought with the pious knights of the Order of Eathyron. 

Released In: 2023 Retailer Appreciation Wave

Accessories: Chain with cuffs, ball and chain, orc sword, "wooden" shield with handle

Additional Heads: 3 heads total - zombie head, skull, knight helmet, all in clear blue plastic like the rest of the Hagnon body


Mythic Legions Blue Hagnon

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