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As a callous ruler of the Netherrealm, the demon king Azahazzar was a nightmarish legend feared by all. It was only when the dark god Poxxus summoned him into the world of Mythoss that the nightmare became all too real for those on the mortal plane. Poxxus’ summoning had the side effect of Azahazzar being divided into the twin demons Azhar and Zazhar. As the generals of The Circle of Poxxus, Azhar and Zazhar have spent ages searching for The Plaguesayer, Poxxus’ cursed bow, in hopes of bringing about his return. Upon his arrival, Poxxus has now granted the demons their wish, recombining them into the mighty Azahazzar. As a commander of Poxxus’ armies, Azahazzar wields his power to destroy and beget life with a mere touch.

  • Released In: Poxxus
  • Accessories: Pustleheart magic staff, magical effects, 2 sets of hands
  • Additional Heads: No



Mythic Legions Azahazzar

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