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EPIC ORIGIN STORY: Join Rokkon, one of the Comet Warriors, in his battle against evil on Eternia with this action-packed figure!

AUTHENTIC DESIGN: Standing at 5.5 inches tall, this Masters of the Universe Origins Rokkon figure boasts 16 points of articulation for dynamic poses.

TRANSFORMING ABILITY: Watch as Rokkon folds his humanoid body into a rock, just like all Rock People, ready to deflect laser blasts and unleash his power!

INCLUDES MINI COMIC: Dive deeper into Rokkon's story with the special mini comic included, adding depth to the Masters of the Universe lore.

PREMIUM PACKAGING: Packaged in premium MOTU Origins packaging, this figure also comes with a ray gun accessory, enhancing your collection's value and display appeal.


MOTU Origins Rokkon

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