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1980s NOSTALGIA REBORN: Relive the magic of your 1980s childhood with this Moss Man action figure inspired by the vintage MOTU character.

MODERN DESIGN, VINTAGE LOOK: Enjoy the perfect blend of modern design details and the classic vintage appearance of the master of camouflage.

SENSORY IMMERSION: Experience Moss Man's world with a moss-like flocked texture and a refreshing pine scent that adds an extra layer of authenticity.

MAXIMUM POSEABILITY: With 16 articulated joints, this super spy character can strike dynamic battle poses and enhance your MOTU display.

ACCESSORIES GALORE: Moss Man comes with a range of accessories, including an alternate head with fangs, removable chest harness and arm armor, flail, scepter, and a themed mini-comic book to enrich storytelling and display options.


MOTU Origins Moss Man

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