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This Monster High doll rocks a beach-ready vacation lurk! Heath Burns is all set to have a sizzling good time on his Scare-adise Island getaway with a flame-print hoodie, swim trunks, and storytelling accessories. Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

Heath Burns runs pretty hot, so there's nothing quite like a beach scare-cation spent basking in the sun for this fiery Monster High doll!

He is dressed for a faboolous getaway on Scare-adise Island with a flame-print hoodie, matching board shorts, and sizzling slides!

With his volcanic drink and bottle of SPF 30 sunscreen, Heath Burns doll is all fired up for a relaxing day fanging out by the sea!

Additional accessories like tinted shades and a flame-detailed beach bag add to styling and storytelling play.


Monster High Heath Burns Scare-adise Island

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