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Skulltimate Secrets returns with the Fearidescent edition! A spooktacular unboxing experience with 19+ surprises that include fashions, accessories and themed pieces. Color Reveal technology and step-by-step unveiling add magic and mystery, while the coffin-shaped locker is perfect for storytelling and storage. Fully articulated. Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

Cleo De Nile doll and her fashion surprises shine with gore-geously glam, metallic details. Open her locker for magestically mummified finds

Can you creep a secret Take the four keys and wash off their spooky black coating for a Color Reveal moment, then unlock all four matching compartments to discover hidden items stashed inside.

Once unboxed, use the coffin-shaped locker for screamtastic storytelling, as well as storing Cleo De Nile doll and all her clothing and accessories.

Cleo De Nile has shimmery golden makeup and hair streaks. Her regally chic fashions are catered to her unique mummy scaritage and encourage mix-and-match styling play!

From a furry stole and sleek turban to a handbag and jewelry, Skulltimate Secrets comes with lots of pieces to spark imagination and style expression. Combine them for 125+ looks!


Monster High Cleo De Nile Skulltimate Secrets Fear Idescent

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