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Blood-soaked and deadly, the lowermost ring of prison cells in Hvalkatar is not-so-affectionately known as the GraveRing. This dreaded block of cells is known for housing the roughest and most disruptive inmates in the prison. This is where you will find Vorgga.

As a former Edgehounder (a highly trained special ops division of the policing force known as The Interorbital Perimeter Guard), Vorgga’s skillset and attitude have earned her the reputation as one Hvalkatar’s most dangerous residents. Despite her tough demeanor, her warm personality and unyielding sense of honor prompt others to align with her whenever possible.

Released In: Hvalkatar: Book One

Accessories: Ultra-heavy blaster, backpack, and ammo belt

Additional Heads: 2 heads total - one with a face mask and one without


Cosmic Legions Vorgga

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