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While T.U.5.C.C. Engineers can often be found seeing to the needs of Hvalkatar’s inner workings, more importantly they are members of the menagerie of individuals attending to Highwarden Slogg. Slogg’s complex system of life-supporting equipment and strict regimen of Thryxium serum require constant observation and maintenance, and the Engineers faithfully serve in this capacity.

Additionally, these engineering specialists are proficient in close-quarters combat so they can step in as personal guards should the need ever arise for them to defend the Highwarden of Hvalkatar.  

Released In: Hvalkatar: Book One

Accessories: Electrostaff, 2 blaster pistols, 2 wrist blasters

Additional Heads: Helmeted head and unhelmeted head


Cosmic Legions T.U.5.C.C Engineer

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