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Waking up dazed and distressed in an unfamiliar darkness, Olek Thygar is unknowingly at the threshold of a life forever changed. After being beaten and dragged along a jagged floor by faceless armored soldiers, Thygar finds himself restrained and staring up at the gates of the infamous prison known as Hvalkatar.

With his former life stolen from him - as it had been once before, the normally calm and centered Thygar finds himself suppressing a rage that he has fought a lifetime to contain. Succumbing to this rage could lead to his ultimate demise - or be the key to his very survival.

Released In: Hvalkatar: Book One

Accessories: Heavy blaster, 2 blaster pistols, extra-heavy blaster, 2 wrist blasters, 2 sets of hands

Additional Heads: One with an integrated helmet and another unhelmeted head that the large dome can be placed on top of


Cosmic Legions Olek Thygar (Hvalkatar)

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