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In the prison Hvalkatar, the offenses of violent outbursts, open defiance, and attempted escape are all grounds for a cell transfer to the GraveRing. Multiple instances of all three of these offenses have earned Olek Thygar a spot in that dreaded block of cells.

Uninitiated and unpracticed, Thygar’s early days in the fighting arena have been clumsy and perilous, but as a quick study with a vengeful instinct, his newfound skill combined with a ceaseless tenacity have placed Thygar as a rising star in the ring. Now accessing abilities he never thought possible, Olek Thygar is on the verge becoming something altogether different and possibly greater than before. 

  • Released In: Hvalkatar: Book One
  • Accessories: Staff, broken down staff - which includes the shaft of the weapon and a Meteor Hammer with chain, holographic attachment, and extra hands (hands are not pictured in accessory shot)
  • Additional Heads: No


Cosmic Legions Olek Thygar (Gravering)

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