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Celebrated across the system for their telepathic skills, the Grayborn are well suited for sensitive roles in the higher echelons of Cosmerrium’s intellectual circles. A common misconception is that the Grayborn are named for the appearance of their skin, when in actuality, this name is due to their minds’ ability to access a transcendental state referred to as “The Midway” or “The Gray.” These abilities and access have granted the Grayborn a unique opportunity to create an information network spanning the rings that is known as The M.A.Z.E. (The Meshed Assemblage of Zonal Enlightenment)

Released In: Hvalkatar: Book Two, Gravenight

Accessories: Shield, Metor Hammer staff, Hvalkatar key card necklack

Additional Heads: No


Cosmic Legions Aius Cyppiteon

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