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Star Trek “Wrath of Khan” Khan 5” figure is authentically sculpted and detailed.

Authentic Star Trek accessories include a Starfleet Phaser, Genesis Control Box, and a Bowl of Ceti Eels.

Khan figure is fully poseable, with 14 points of articulation, for action-ready poses!

Set includes a Starfleet Delta Base display stand.

Full replica of Classic Star Trek packaging from the 90s.

Khan action figure is highly detailed and authentic to the “Wrath of Khan” movie, fully poseable, and equipped with a variety of accessories and a display stand. In the next century, United Earth established a space exploration and defense service called Starfleet and co-founded The United Federation of Planets, a benevolent organization of hundreds of worlds. The chronicles of Starfleet are collectively known as the Star Trek Universe. Developed for war and then exiled once peace was established, Khan Noonien Singh is a ruthless superhuman tyrant. He seeks revenge on James T. Kirk for defeating and stranding him and his cohorts on a planet, years ago. Khan hijacks a starship, steals the Genesis Device, and sets a deadly trap for the crew of the Enterprise.


Classic Startrek Khan Noonien Singh

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